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The View is Better from the Edge

A few years ago, sci-fi author William Gibson famously commented in a radio interview that “The future is already here, it just isn’t very evenly distributed.”  This suggests that the future can be tracked and (sometimes) found. Some have lost their reputation, even … Continue reading

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Live from the Queen Theater at TEDx Wilmington

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A Revolution in Batteries?

For all the buzz, Tesla’s electric cars still rely on lithium-ion batteries, a technology that was commercialized by Sony over twenty years ago.  Today, these batteries power everything from sports cars to laptops and cellphones. It is time for a … Continue reading

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Riding the Hype Cycle

Wondering what’s hot and what’s not?  Take a look at the Gartner Hype Cycle, which follows the progress of new technologies. According to Gartner, emerging technologies typically move through phases of overenthusiasm and disillusionment before becoming commonplace reality. Gartner just … Continue reading

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Hey, wait, that’s me?

It was a pleasure speaking at last week’s TEDx Wilmington! I presented a new talk, “Why the Millennial Generation Isn’t Broken” to a group of really smart and interesting people. (photo credits to Joe del Tufo, Mobius New Media)

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The Surveillance Society

When Edward Snowden revealed the extent of the NSA’s digital surveillance capabilities, shock was coupled with apathy.   Many Americans already assumed they were being watched.  Here is the messy truth:  this has been going on for years.

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Investing in the Future of Regenerative Medicine

Spray-on skin.  Lab-grown ears.  Human tissue grown in a petri dish.  We’re going deep into sci-fi territory (and it is already happening). Regenerative medicine is an emerging field that provides treatments to repair, regenerate, or replace damaged cells and tissue.  … Continue reading

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What Turned You On As A Futurist?

Here are the results of this week’s survey of inspirational source material for futurists. (Courtesy of John Mahaffie and the APF.)

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Profiting from the Internet of Things

If you’ve ever used an ATM machine, pumped your own gas, paid for a bridge toll using EZ Pass, or had a gas meter read remotely, you’ve participated in the coming “internet of things.” The first two versions of the … Continue reading

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Time, Loops, and Cycles

If you can sense the pattern (or rhythm) of things, you sometimes can get an understanding of what comes next.  Cycles are useful in understanding how and when trends change. History seldom repeats itself, but it usually rhymes.  The economic … Continue reading

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